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Fox V3 Kila Helmets use our Magnetic Visor Release System 'MVRS' to attach the visor. This Fox patented technology replaces screws with magnets - an entirely new approach to managing rotational forces. The visor is designed to stay firmly in place under roost, but release in a crash.

In addition, the V3 helmet is equipped with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System 'MIPS'. Mimicking the cerebrospinal fluid, MIPS adds a low-friction layer between the helmet and the head. This technology reduces the rotational violence otherwise transmitted to the brain.

The V3 helmet features 4 shells and 4 EPS dimensions. This exhaustive range of helmet sizes provides the most accurate fitting helmet we have ever created.

The interior features 14 intake and 4 exhaust vents to channel fresh air through the helmet and allow hot air to escape. A DriLex Comfort Liner feels luxuriously soft against your skin and rapidly wicks sweat to keep you dry.

Fox Racing V3 Kila MIPS Helmet

    • MVRS - Magnetic Visor Release System releases in the event of a crash
    • MIPS - Multi-Directional Impact Protection System®
    • Dual-density EPS liner with softer layer near riders head
    • 4 shell and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
    • Lightweight multiple-composite shell construction
    • Removable, washable, moisture wicking DriLex® comfort liner
    • Removable, washable, moisture wicking cheek pads
    • 14 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow
    • Matching 360 Kila gearset available
    • Matte/gloss finish
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