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There is something elementally awesome about getting out in the dirt. Dusty trails in a convoy, an epic hot desert journey, a windswept day at the dunes, that’s where good memories are made. You know what else is awesome? Breathing clean air while digging into the good times! When the good times, the heat and the dust all get together in the same place, this is where the Qualifier DLX Forced Air delivers. Our premium dust skirt ensures that dust and sand stay out, while the forced air inlet lets you breathe cool, clean air, all day, and an integrated communications port accommodates Sena and Cardo Bluetooth stereo communications. Designed specifically for the demands of side-by-side pilots and co-pilots, for riding or racing, the Qualifier DLX Forced Air is a new era in comfort and adventure.

Bell Qualifier DLX Forced Air Full-Face Helmet

    • Contoured Cheek Pads
    • Force-flow ventilation system for cooling and comfort
    • Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty
    • Integrated communication port accommodates Sena and Cardo Bluetooth® stereo headset and intercom systems.
    • Integrated Speaker Pockets
    • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction
    • Padded Chin-Strap with D-Ring Closure
    • Padded Wind Collar drastically reduces wind and road noise
    • Removable/washable anti-bacterial interior
    • Transitions® Adaptive ClickRelease™ Shield Included
    • Transitions® Anti fog and UV protection
    • Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system with FlowAdjust™

    • DOT
    • ECE
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